VOLUNTEERS: because we love children and youth, our desire is to protect them.  Somerset Naz requires all staff and volunteers working with children & students (and other vulnerable populations) to complete 4 Safety Steps before ministry work or volunteer placements begin.

Screening Process

Staff & Volunteers are required to complete a screening process which includes:

  • Employment Application (employees only)
  • Face-to-face Interview
  • Provide references
  • A volunteer for Children/Youth Ministry must attend Somerset Naz for 6 months before being eligible to serve in positions providing access to children, students or vulnerable populations.


Staff & Volunteers should have basic understanding of the characteristics of abusers.  to equip you with information necessary to recognize abuser characteristics and grooming behaviors, please complete this training by clicking above.


Please review the policies contained in the Ministry Safe policy by clicking above.  All Staff & Volunteers are required to sign the last page and return to the Senior Pastor/church office indicating you have read, understood and agree to comply with the policy requirements.

PA Clearances & Background checks

All staff and volunteers of Somerset Naz are required by the state of Pennsylvania to undergo a PA Child Abuse History Clearance and a PA Criminal Background Check.  If the volunteer has not lived in the state of PA for 10 years, a FBI Criminal Background Check will be required.  Click on the links below to receive these clearances.